1. tabletop ranches, inc. is considering the purchase of a new

Question 11 1. Tabletop Ranches, Inc. is considering the purchase of a new helicopter for $350,000. The firm’s old helicopter has a book value of $85,000, but it can only be sold for $60,000. It was being depreciated at the rate of $13,500 per year for four more years under an old depreciation method.
The new helicopter will be depreciated using the 5-year MACRS schedule. It is expected to save $62,000 after taxes through reduced fuel and maintenance expenses. Tabletop Ranch is in the 34% tax bracket and has a 12% cost of capital.
a. Calculate the cash inflows from selling the old helicopter. b. Calculate the net cost of the new helicopter. c. Calculate the incremental depreciation for the new helicopter. d. Calculate the net cash flows for the purchase.
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Question 12 1. Gray House is issuing bonds paying $105 annually that will mature fifteen years from today. The bond is currently selling for $980.
Calculate: a. Coupon Rate b. Current Yield c. Yield To Maturity

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