Essay: Consumer loyalty

Personal devotion in a human life can imply the scope of consumer loyalty. Throughout the consumer behavior arena, yet there is still a final establishment to identify and name the behavior of consumer loyalty. Henceforth, from a business dictionary; a consumers’ likelihood to repurchase again [some product or the service], some authors says it begins with the consumer’s passive acceptances [Uncles, Dowling & Hammond, 2003]. It is rather more appropriate to acknowledge consumer loyalty is basically is a behavioral journeyed to patronage a specific product or a service. First things to remember consumers get attracted by numerous marketing stimuli and this is the reason for a consumer to allowing him or herself to interact with the persuasion of the product or the service. It is may be true, but the general notion comes from, consumers’ containing repetition of the interaction. From the statement of [Oliver, 1997], it is more precise to perceive the intendant concept of the consumer loyalty and that is to say, far down commitment of a consumer to repurchase or patronize the product or service. [Stone, Woodcock, &‎ Machtynger, 2000] in a book defines the ground of consumer relationship and states that; consumer loyalty is a philosophical strategy rather than a technical one. The point of philosophical view, the virtue of loyalty makes consumers dedicated. [Fullerton, 2003] disclosed that, commitment has a uniformly positive impact on consumer loyalty. [Greenberg, 2004] argued, there is such difference between the commitment and the profound faith of consumer loyalty. The author argues the profound faith is the ultimate devotion of a human being and on the contrary side consumer loyalty is a two way path, where’s consumers shows full hearted devotion by the mean of exchanged values. Must be remembered [Dick & Basu, 1994] highly established the ground to consider of the implicit meaning of the consumer loyalty and statement comes as, connection between relative attitude and repeat patronage. With this is in mind, since consumer loyalty is a whole some of existing and processing behavioral units combines to inter-relate their consumption with the emotional mind to build a favorable linkage. As can be seen, [Jacoby & Chestnut, 1978] on their behavioral process approach research, they gave an account on the exact nature of consumers’ such behavior so called, “consumer loyalty” .The multi faced acknowledgements comes up with, biased [non-random], behavioral response [purchase], expressed overtime, decision making unit, with respect to alternatives, as a function of psychological outcomes [decision making evaluation], so then consumer loyalty bought up with in an array of consumers attitudes builds up in a certain behavioral .
After the setup of description, of the nature, it is easily comes into the mind, it is an easily perceived intellect and this is to say, there are divisions and that’s why from the research of different authors, some authors describes consumer loyalty only in one single dimensions, some other says multi-dimensional, while some other authors suggested the nature in different levels, after all consumer loyalty also been categorized by the impact on personal effect on consumers. To sum up with, four stages of consumer loyalty [TaghiPourian & Bakhsh, 2015], will be process for analyzing.

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