28.Follow the requirements to write 500words essay.

Pretend you are completing this “Experiencing Effective Group Communication Survey”

1.Share the definition of small group communication (p. 233) with the person you are surveying.

2.Ask your interviewee: What is one group you have participated in that used effective group communication? (Pay special attention to how your interviewee defines effective communication.)

3.Share the definition of norms (p. 243) with the person you are surveying.

4.Ask your interviewee: What are the norms of the group?

5.Ask your interviewee: How does (or did) the group enforce the communication norms? What happens when a group member ignores or violates a group communication norm? Please give a specific example.

6.Ask your interviewee: How would you rate your own skills for understanding and following group communication norms? Use the following scale: good, fair, or poor. Please give a specific example to explain your rating.

7.Share the definition of communication interaction patterns and the types of small group communication networks on pages 248-249 with your interviewee.

8.Ask your interviewee: What can you tell me about evidence of any of the group communication behaviors that contribute to their group communication pattern? (Show them the networks on p. 249 Figure 9.1.) Was the pattern intentional? Tell me about one to two of these behaviors.

9.Share the phases of group and team development with the person you are surveying.

10.Ask your interviewee: What phase do you think your group is in? Why?

11.Ask your interviewee: What can you tell me about evidence of any of the group communication behaviors that demonstrate conflict and conflict resolution in group communication that is necessary for the problem solving and group relationships that enable the group to accomplish the group’s goal? Tell me about one to two of these behaviors.

Now write the reflection based on the survey above, addressing the following questions:

1.List the people you surveyed and the groups they discussed in the lesson. What similarities and differences between the groups did know notice from the surveys? Use concepts from the lesson, and specifically discuss the type of group(s), norms, and phases of group/team development. Give specific examples from the surveys.

2.Describe when and how a group should institute norms in your own words. Share an example of when a norm was followed successfully and an example of when a norm was violated or broken.

3.How did power and status affect the enforcement of group norms with the people you surveyed? Refer back to your lesson and textbook regarding these concepts, and give specific examples incorporating these terms.

4.List the four phases of group development. What phase is each of your groups in? Use specific examples and concepts from the lesson to justify your answer.

5.Given what you have learned in previous lessons about interpersonal relationships, why does more conflict arise during the secondary tension phase of group development? Did the groups you surveyed report personality conflicts that prevented the group from going forward with their goals, or were they able to reach the emergence and reinforcement phase of conflict?


All the work has to be 100 percent original.

Any guides/existing papers you find on internet will definitely not be accepted

Any kind of plagiarism will definitely not be accepted.

Please read all requirement very very carefully and make sure it follows the instruction very well.


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