3 pages essay 9

For this 3 page essay, write what you found in general. What were the dates and content material about? Then add some detailed information that you found valuable and your reasons. Think about the importance of the Gray Panthers Greater Boston Chapter (GPGB) that was founded by Maggie Kuhn in 1975. They fought for:

  • state and national health plans and healthcare programs,
  • an end to age discrimination, in general, against elders and at work,
  • accurate protrayals of people in the media, especially elderly women
  • the creation of intergenerational housing projects and reforms
  • peace in the Persian Gulf (1991) and banning war toys

In your introduction, please include, in general, about your overall learning experience visiting the archives and the differences between primary and secondary sources. Then introduce the organization and their goals and in your opinion, what you found to be most important and why.

In the developing paragraphs, develop one at a time 3 important detailed points regarding the ‘Grey Panthers’ that struck you and your reasons.

In your conclusion, discuss HOW you may use this valuable information for your research paper. How does it show or illustrate a point you are making to support your main idea. Why is this information so important to


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