3 part assignment 4

Part 1

For this Discussion, consider the different ways to conceptualize mental health and mental illness in the field of psychology. Think about how this conceptualization may influence your assessment and diagnosis of a client.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post by Day 2 a brief explanation of the different ways in which mental health and mental illness may be conceptualized in the field of psychology. Then explain at least two ways in which this conceptualization may influence your assessment and diagnosis of a client. Provide examples based on current literature and Learning Resources.

Part 2

read the article of caspers and complete the work sheet, both files are attached in the files.



Part 3

depth study and review of anhydrous ammonia (NH3) and its uses in the industrial setting.

Students will review 2 recent case studies and evalaute incident initiation, response, and recovery.

Students will act as a company safety officer or safety director and determine proper planning techniques for normal operations, emergency response and decontamination in the event of an incident.

Incidents – March 2016 Boston warehouse, August 2010 Millard Refrigerated Services in Alabama

Discussion Board:

1. Review the attached PPT, research the two incidents mentioned in the weekly topics. Review and cite various journals outlining Anhydrous ammonia (NH3) uses in the industrial setting and the emergency response planning needed to prevent an event.

2. Using the two case studies mentioned, select one and delve into the role of site safety officer for the applicable company. This role will give you a “facility” perspective of planning, training, and responding to a hazardous materials release. From the facility perspective, research and review this role and list the major functions and responsibilities.

3. After reviewing the case study, immerse yourself into the proper planning techniques and training that would have prevented the release and worker injuries. List out your planning strategies and implemented site training to ensure your site is prepared to PREVENT an incident.

4. Finally, immerse yourself into the actual incident and list the activities/tasks you need to accomplish to ensure no further damage to live, property, and the community.

This is a two week endeavor…. to be completed at the end of the second week

each should be on a different docement thanks


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