4 pages interview gen ed paper

Find the oldest person you can interview, and bring history alive. It can be a family member, neighbor, someone at church, friend of friend, nursing home, someone in a social setting, on a train… challenge yourself; go on a hunt.

Some IDEAS of questions to ask them:
Did they go to dances? With who? Where? What kind of dance did they do, what was the rage? Favorite band? Favorite songs? Favorite film? What was the fashion? -And why? What kind of cars did they drive? What were the hot political concerns? What did they consider “bad”? If they had one thing that they could have changed, what would that be? What are some favorite memories? etc…. Can they offer advice?

Ask them questions that interest you, and see where this goes. How was it different from today? Imagine what they experienced. Reflect on reversing roles.

Be polite and respectful of their story.

Write out your findings in paragraph style 1500-2000 words. (Use both sides of paper, if possible)

In conclusion write a couple of robust reflective paragraphs of your connection of this experience and include a self-assessment of what it would be like to have lived in this era. Is there something that you wished were still current? Could you re-create that in your life? How would your personality traits have been engaged at that time? Would your values have been the same?
If bringing up obvious technology differences, be specific.


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