4142 – My Nursing Assignment

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Following discussion with my preceptor, there are different aspects that do need to be taken into account when proposing my education program to the OB clinic. The financial aspect that needs to be taken into consideration is how will the education program which is a pamphlet be printed and given to patients. The financial aspect would be a small portion of the clinic budget as the hospital has a print shop that allows for printing of educational papers to be done and ordered efficiently. One quality aspect that needs to be considered is increasing knowledge of parents. At the present moment there is a lack of retention of educational topics which leads to a lack of knowledge amongst parents on some areas of maternal child health. Increasing knowledge amongst parents depicts the need for having different methods of education to be successful with retention of knowledge. Also, clinically this education program will improve overall wellness for mother and baby following discharge from the hospital. The education pamphlet consists of tips to improve nipple pain and trauma during breastfeeding, ways to soothe a fussy baby, techniques to assist with knowing when a baby has had enough nutrition and when developing a sleep schedule is necessary. All of these aspects will improve the wellness of mom and baby following delivery. Overall, these aspects play a role in being successful with implementing an education initiative at the clinic.
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