4420 – My Nursing Assignment

For the SLP assignments, you will select a community of your choice and create a strategic plan to address a public health concern that impacts the community.

Identify your selected community and describe it. Include geographic location, demographics, and any other pertinent information that will be helpful in describing the health status of your community.
Do additional research and identify what health needs are being met, what needs are not being addressed, and what resources are available in the community.
Select a public health problem that is not being addressed in your community and a target population for which you will develop a program.
Identify key partners and stakeholders that you will collaborate with to address the concern. Explain why collaboration with these partners/stakeholders is important.

Be sure to use credible, professional, and scholarly sources such as peer-reviewed journal articles from the Trident Online Library, and government, university, or nonprofit organizations’ websites.
Length: 3 pages double-spaced, excluding the cover page and the reference list.
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