I. Population: In this section of your final project, you will summarize key elements of the research study and analyze the population impacted by thehealth issue.A. Summarize the people, places, and times represented in the research study to provide context for yourreport.B. Describe three social and behavioral determinants strongly associated with the public health issue in the research study. Be sure to cite specificexamples from the research study to support your description.C. Describe three known disparities associated with the health of the specific population. Be sure to cite specific examples from the researchstudy to support your description.D. Explain how the identified social and behavioral determinants relate to the disparities you identified, and explain yourreasoning.II. Health Issue:F. Using your research and analysis, draw connections between the population and public health issue. Consider where you identified commonelements, what you learned about the public health issue by studying the population, and what you learned about the population by studyingthe public health issue.
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