a critique of a play

I need a 2 page (double spaced) critique on a play: Mr. Burns – A Post Electric Play.

The paper needs to sound like a professional theatre review from any major newspaper…

Below are the questions that needs to be answered, and I tried to answer #1,2 and 7.

Please edit/ change/ do whatever that needs to be done to look professional!

And for question #3,4,5 and 6, you can just make something up.

Questions about the Acting to think about and answer while writing your paper:

1. Was there a clear understanding of the overall storytelling? If not…why was there a breakdown in your opinion?

2. Was there clear relationship with the characters? Was their behavior and actions in line with who they intended to play?

3. Was there a strong conflict defined buy the director? Was the play’s problem clear?

4. Was there clear objectives being played? Did the actors make varied choices? Were the actors making choices that were active and sought to affect other characters on stage?

5. Did the actors move on stage in a way that seemed believable in the world and concept created?

6. Could you understand the dialogue through the show? Could you hear the actors?

7. How was the lighting used in the show to help pursue the storytelling? Was it affective? Was sound used to affect the storytelling? Was it used affectively?


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