About us, Why Us, Our services details

I need content for my website link ; http://templates.thememodern.com/engitech/index.html
1. I need content for about us page of my website. Please do research on our services and write a catch about us. Our company is new and has no specific background so you have to make things up and come up with a good about us of around 400 words.
2. write a vision statement 100 words
3. write a mission statement 100 words
focus on world tech revolution on above statements and tell the clients the we are playing a major part in that revolution

4. Why us of 400 words
do research on software houses worldwide and skim the best out of them and write a good why us for our software house website.
this is a sample
Why us?
Project and Milestone tracking
Task management with SMS/email notification
24/7 online service & Support.
Billing/invoicing transparent management.
Discussion board for project management.
HR/ Payroll & Complete office management.
Cloud-based & Robust technology.


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