Abstract + Background of my research paper – MATSim

Please write 550 words for one of the parts of my report – MATSim

(2) Abstract
(3) Background

based on the report – MATSim

***Attached is our report

***Another Attached is our instruction from our Class

or ***if you need to access to the book

W Axhausen K, Horni A, Nagel K. The multi-agent transport simulation MATSim.
Ubiquity Press, 2016.

Attached is the PDF version of the books
you can find from Google as it is a free book


**Just for your reference, below is my report content requirement**

Writing a report introducing your group project. This should include:
(1) Title
(2) Abstract
(3) Background
(4) Introduction to MATSim (e.g., framework, mechanisms)
(5) Introducing the base MATSim scenario that you choose, and also describing
your own MATSim scenarios (e.g., how and why do you modify the key elements,
such as network and daily plan, in your scenarios).
(6) Results of your MATSim scenarios (Note: you may need to compare the results
of your MATSim scenarios against those from the base scenario that you choose,
in order to understand how your modifications could influence the simulation
outcomes ).
(7) Conclusions (e.g., key findings, limitations and future work)
(8) Contributions of each member (see below for a specific example)
(9) References (NO specific requirement on reference format)


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