american government essay 2

How has the balance of power between the federal and state governments changed throughout the course of American history, beginning with the ratification of the Constitution?

Has this change been all in one direction?

In answering this, discuss five events, acts, laws or judicial decisions which have affected the balance of power between them. For each, explain what occurred, why it happened, if relevant to your discussion, and how it changed the balance.

Americans have long considered themselves to live under and work in a capitalist economic system. What does that term mean?

As the balance between state and federal power has changed through our history, has our capitalist system changed? How? Give three examples of occurrences, laws, court decisions, etc. which have changed our economic system.

Do you consider the United States to still be a truly capitalist system? Why or why not?

The essay should be for 1 page only.


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