American international Managing Critical Change Request Discussion

In your own words, answer this unit’s discussion questions in a main post (recommended minimum 300 words), and respond to at least 2 peers’ postings (recommended minimum 75 words).

Assignment Details

A colleague of yours is struggling to handle change requests throughout their project life cycle, and now his project is falling apart. He has come to you for advice on best practices.

  • Share with your colleague why managing change requests is critical to the project’s success.
  • Discuss the most effective process for handling change requests, including how different technologies can be utilized.


Managing requests is critical to the project’s success because it involves top level monitoring and auditing to make sure resources are not being waste on non-conducive tasks. Some pointers to remember about effective management when it comes to change requests, is that in order to keep track of changes to be managed there needs to be documentation for any requests. Requests then need to be looked at and analyzed by a top-level management team. There needs to be a log of some sort that gets updated with all change requests that may include business requirements documents, training material, project plans, business processes, employee handbooks, and test scripts. Fact checking is a part of the decision making process to gain understanding if the problem and what solution may be introduced to solve it. Checking all potential outcomes will assist in the decision making process and even may be transferred to more experienced management when needed. Assessing the impacts with keeping the customers, processes, the business as a whole, and any stakeholders in mind. When change has been decided upon, there needs to be a plan of implementing the change. Follow up is going to be a key element after the change has been implemented to be able to assist in any hiccups or issues that may arise, and strong communication will be needed to assist and resolves those issues. Training also becomes a dire need to implement changes. The different technologies can that be utilized to handle change requests are software programs and tools that can really help save time and resources when implementing change. Using technology can help speed up the process by using standardization. Using filters to put different priorities and the type of change request can also determine the more pressing issues that deem to be more urgent than others.


Hello professor and classmates;

Lets start by relate the definition of project success. Project success has been historically defined as a project that meets its objectives under budget and under schedule. This evaluation standard has endure as the most common evaluation in many industries. But for a growth project, success goes beyond meeting schedule and budget goals, it includes distribute the benefits and meeting assumption of beneficiaries, stakeholders, donors or provide agencies.

All projects and initiative are ultimately created to deliver change of one form or another. Whether it be delivery of a new asset, process, structure or system, until it has actually been adopted and is used in the way it was intended, the change is not complete and the full benefits will not be realized. Managing change well can help address resistance and reduce performance impacts and secure sustainable benefits more rapidly.

Drawing on a fields such as HR and Psychology and acknowledge the innate indentation and emotional creation of human response, change management does not always sit pleasant with the more formal technical operation of project and strategy management. However, at its heart is a series of begin toward which when applied appropriately will significantly increase the chances of successful adoption and insert of change affecting people and culture, procedure, organizations or technology. Fundamentally, it is about convey change in a way which works with the people involved and brings them along on the journey, rather than simply presenting them with a accomplice and expecting them to obtain it. It is working with rather than doing to. The book says that managing change effectively requires much more than knowledge of the technical P3 disciplines.

Change request is a proposition to alter a product or system, often conduct up by the client or another team member. During a project, this can happen when a client wants to reform or adapt the agreed upon deliverables. Determine whether the change request is in inside or outside the scope. Have your team assess the most important consideration of the change request. Approve or reject the change request. Decide on a course of action going ahead. However, a change request is often inexorable and should be expected at some point in any project. Once a change request has been made, it is important to inform the entire team and they can come to an accordance about how to content the request with out using not needed resources.


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