analyze how different types of media materials affect style technique and the classification of different art

Leonardo Drew is a contemporary artist that has explored materials ranging from cast paper to rusted metal and has been featured in museums and galleries around the world. “What I’m feeling, what I’m going through, why I create – it’s not as important as your experience as a viewer.” (Lovelace, 2017). Clearly, Drew has experimented in different types of media that go far beyond the pencil or the paintbrush. Today, he works heavily with wood.

Throughout history, the introduction of different media types has impacted the classification of what is considered art. Cubism, one of the most important movements in art history, began with cut out shapes being arranged and rearranged on paper. From there, artists used media materials ranging from pencil, paint, sculpture, and even magazine cutouts to advance Cubism. This understanding is important to how we analyze different types of media materials and how they affect style, technique, and the classification of different art.

The Infinite and the Infinitesimal.

On the following slides there are six different images representing different types of art media used to create artwork – painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, mixed media, and printmaking. Using these images, create a PowerPoint presentation (one image on each slide) identifying the type of media used. In the notes section (below slide), write a script for a presentation where you identify the genre and analyze how the different types of media materials affect the style and technique

Art Media Types


Identified the genre and provided advanced and in-depth analysis of how different types of media materials affect the style and technique for each of the six images

Presentation script is written in a style that is exceptional and appropriate for the intended audience and an attempt is made to use a consistent style


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