Analyzing Advertising Sales Messages

Step #1:  Find and examine TWO advertisements that clearly attempt to motivate you to purchase the product being advertised.

The advertisements can be print ads in a newspaper or magazine, or electronic ads you hear on the radio or watch on TV or the Internet.

Step #2: For each advertisement:

– Identify and briefly describe the product being advertised.
– Describe the AUDIENCE for this product; who do you think the advertisement is targeting, and WHY?
– What are some product BENEFITS that the advertisement mentions?  (Not features, but BENEFITS)
– Which type(s) of appeals are used in each of the two ads logos, ethos, and/or pathos?  Describe the type(s) of appeal and evaluate their effectiveness.
– Finally, how effective do you feel each advertisement is at motivating you to want to buy this product?  Explain your response.


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