Annotated Bibliography 19511891

  In February, damage to the spillway of the dam on Lake Oroville in Butte County, California, and erosion under the dam’s emergency spillway threatened to send billions of gallons of water cascading through dozens of California communities.

Task:  Develop an Annotated Bibliography which contains a minimum of 3 sources.  Site the sources using the ASCE citation style.  The annotated bibliography is a minimum of two paragraphs per source.   

Your annotation should include:

1)An identification of the type of source (peer review, journal proceedings, popular, newspaper article, ebook, video, website, etc…), which should include the citation in ASCE format.

2)A summary (annotation) of what the source is about (this includes the main
points of the source).

3)An explanation of how you plan to use this source to support your position

Here an attachment as a sample of an Annotated Bibliography:


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