Anonymous will need to be changed to confidential consistently throughout the application and supporting documents.

The IRB has the following concerns with your application: This is a feedback please ASAP.

There are still some questions with answers in the blue note boxes that will need to be moved to the question answer fields. (RESEARCH DESIGN FIELD)

·         Anonymous will need to be changed to confidential consistently throughout the application and supporting documents.

·         Directional text for building the consent form as the student has been left on the final draft of the consent form.

·         The consent form has no disagree optio  Only the final copy of the Consent Form should be left uploaded to the application. Remove the e    The consent form has language that could create a bias response to the research. This will need to be remove    The recruitment material is not recruitment material; it is more like a project summary. We will need to see all the different forms of recruitment for what will be posted on online platforms and offline platforms.

·         There is no link to a survey or request to participate on any of the recruitment materials.

·         The recruitment process is too vague. What online and offline platforms will be used? Be specific.

·         How will people in offline platforms get to the online survey?

·         The survey uses terms such as liberals, Trumpism, and other terms that can vary by individual perception or are not truly easy to understand the meaning.

·         Some of the survey questions are not appropriate yes or no questi The answer for “How will subjects be explicitly informed if data will NOT be anonymous?” does not make sense.

The IRB Committee is suggesting to complete the paper without creating a new survey. Indicators of neo-liberal policy can easily be gathered without surveying individuals, depending on which factors you want to high

o, there are news stories, election results, and polls to measure the rise of nationalism in different countries. Here are a couple examples just from a quick Google search. Use of data from other researchers survey and polls is a completely valid way to measure the rise of nationalism. It’s easier too.

If you create and conduct your own survey, even if approved at this point, will take too long.

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