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Shared Practice—How Secure Is Your Data, Information, and Information Systems Technology?

Imagine the following scenario:

You come home from work one evening, turn on the lights, and notice someone has ransacked your office area and has stolen a lot of your personal information and professional documents, including the final design for your organization’s new marketing campaign. A month later, you read in the paper that another company just came out with the very marketing campaign your organization designed months before.

It sounds like a scene right out of a movie, but it does happen, and it’s a scenario that can happen quite dramatically on an organizational level, both domestically and globally.

For this week’s Discussion, conduct a search using the Internet or Walden Library for 2–3 current and credible articles that focus on trends in security issues affecting today’s information systems/information technology world. You should focus on articles that describe trends that affect or could potentially affect global and domestic business operations.

By Day 3

Post the following:

  • Provide a brief description of two or more trends related to data, information, information systems, or information technology, security.
  • Analyze how the security issues you identified are challenging businesses, including your organization.
  • Describe how you, as a manager, will ensure that you protect the data and information you use, communicate, or manage.


There are various trends in the information systems, and they include data collection and automation. Information system plays a significant role in data collection and storage. Data is important to any organization, and that is the reason why many businesses are adopting information system to help in providing data security. Data collection automation is the latest trend whereby intelligence system will carry out automation in data collection, and this is likely to take information systems to another level shortly. Information analysis automation is another trend in information systems whereby the process of data analysis is automated. Information analysis is an extensive exercise, and that is the reason why automation will help in reducing the amount of time spent on the same (David & François, 2016). Therefore, automation is the best process through analysis will be faster than ever before.

Various security challenges affect many organizations such as data lose whereby the existing systems tend to lose data which is a costly impact on the organization. Hacking is another security challenge, and this is common to many businesses as there are people with bad intentions who hack to steal data or disrupt normal operations of the business.

Data protection is essential, and that is the reason why one needs to ensure that is well protected. There are some ways through which one can protect data, and they include encryption. Encryption is a process of converting data into the unreadable form and for one to access the information must have the security code (Yosef & Qusay, 2017). Another strategy is through the use of a firewall whereby only allowed people can access data and this will reduce the chances of hacking.


David, R., & François, V. (2016). Enterprise information systems state of the art: Past, present and future trends. Computers in Industry. 79(11): 3-13.

Yosef, A., & Qusay, M. (2017). Cyber physical systems security: Analysis, challenges and solutions. Computers & Security. 68(17): 81-97.


How Secure Is Your Data, Information, and Information Systems Technology?

Recent studies have shown organizations are not doing enough to monitor databases for suspicious activities and to prevent data loss (Alvarado, 2007). The Ponemon Institute has conducted a study of more than 600 IT departments worldwide which determined there is significant organizational disconnect between knowledge of the threat and urgency in addressing the threat (Alvarado, 2007). The idea of monitoring internal databases for breaches, especially those which may come from inside, is something many companies today are lacking.

By not keeping close security on these massive amounts of secure data, companies are opening themselves up for liabilities. These liabilities could include the loss of data from an outside hacker to a trusted employee stealing information to take to a competitor. Within the banking industry it is extremely crucial to monitor databases with the highest level security available. My company outsources IT which means all of our server security is done remotely by a company halfway across the country. I believe this opens the door for an internal user to move data out of the company and possibly to a competitor.

As a manager, it is my duty to protect the company from any data loss or breach. To do so, I would like to hire two on staff IT professionals who could monitor the use of external hard drives, flash drives, and email accounts. Being able to monitor employee use of secure data would mitigate the chances of a breach or stolen information being taken to another company. I believe we can save money by outsourcing IT but I also believe with the savings comes the risk of compromising information. If we could outsource a portion of IT there would still be savings for the company while also being able to use an in-house IT professional to closely monitor internal user information.

With the significant increase in the number of cybercrime attacks, informational security becomes a vital issue and a huge challenge for many organizations (Dahbur, Bashabsheh, & Bashabsheh, 2017). Human interactions are the primary cause of security risks included cybercrimes. Many employees or customers unintentionally open an email or use a website which opens the business information systems up to the potential of a cyber-attack. According to research there is a lack of recognition of employees for phishing attacks which have a bad impact on information security (Dahbur, et al., 2017).

Educating employees on cyber security such as phishing attacks and social engineering are important aspects of employee training as well as security protocols. In the banking industry, both phishing attacks and social engineering are common ways criminals try to obtain personal information to steal funds or identities. Providing employees and customers with training, information, and knowledge of how to mitigate these types of crimes will help to secure the information held securely within a company’s systems.


Alvarado, K. (2007). IT professionals pessimistic about privacy and data security. Internal Auditor, 64(4), 18-22.

Dahbur, K., Bashabsheh, Z., & Bashabsheh, D. (2017). Assessment of security awareness: A qualitative and quantitative study. International Management Review, 13(1), 37-58.


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