answer the qustion below

Title :

Electronic Pharmacy

Q1 / Scenario Overview :

Q2/ Using any project management tool, draw the project Gant Chart?

Q3 /Using any project management tool, draw the project network and show the critical path?

Q4 /Using Excel sheet, suppose the project will finish within 6 years (Starting from year 0). Follow your instructor instructions about the value of:

Discount Rate
Cost for every year
Benefits for every year

Your task is to calculate the following:
1- Discount factor for every year.
2- Discounted Benefits for every year.
3- Discounted Cost for every year.
4- Discounted Benefits-Cost for every year
5- Cumulative Benefits – Cost
6- Calculate NPV
7- Calculate ROI
8- Determine the payback in which year (If possible).
9- Explain the situation of your project. (over, under, behind the budget). What your value means ?
then paste your Excel sheet here including your name(s).


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