answering 3 questions answering 3 discussion questions

part 1

1. Tell us about a time when you were inspired by adversity, and turned a challenge into an opportunity.
(Maximum 250 words)

2. How are you going to change the world, and how will being Never Satisfied make it possible?
(Maximum 500 words)

3. We envision a world where we no longer take from the Earth, but rather use its enormous ability to regenerate. Tell us why you think working towards a more sustainable future is important, and the different roles Never Satisfied individuals (like you) and larger organizations should play in making that future a reality.
(Maximum 250 words)

Part 2

“what you would do” segment for a total of 3 Discussion Prompts. This “what would you do” segment highlights the simple fact that ethical issues arise everyday day in healthcare and often times the answers are not in black or white but in shades of grey.

#1: Best Medical Movie or TV Show

Thinking about how Hollywood portrays the healthcare profession: What medical drama past or present is your favorite and why? For you non-movie or TV watchers, I have provided a few links that may help you answer this question. What Would You Do? (Two Prompts)

Question #1
A physician has one appointment slot remaining for the day. Two patients call requesting this one appointment. The first patient who calls has no insurance and owes the practice money. The second patient has medical insurance coverage. Neither patient is seriously ill. Who should get the appointment? Please explain.

Question #2
Two hours before a doctor is to see John Smith, his wife calls to relate private information that she fears the patient will not share with the physician. Should the physician disclose this conversation to the patient? What is the risk if John discovers at a later time that a confidential conversation occurred? Please explain


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