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ne tutorial Onlisummary
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The Task:
In lieu of the week 4 tutorial students will undertake an on-line tutorial from the University of Southern California’s Library’s Research Guide which can be found on the following link:
Students are to go to the second tab Social Work *: How do I?… and complete all bullet points in the on-line tutorial under the heading ‘Research concepts and strategies’ on the left hand side of the webpage. See below:
• Creating a search strategy
• Knowing Where To Look for the Information You Need
• Creating Keywords
• Avoiding plagiarism
• Evaluating Sources
• How do I know if a source is reliable?
• How do I create an APA citation?
After completing/reading all the information under each bullet points kindly come up with a 300 words summary of what you have learnt from the online tutorial about research concepts and strategies in social work.

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