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Social Media Audit–Adidas
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Write a social media audit paper on the sportswear brand Adidas.
Here are the things you need to measure and mention in your social media audit paper:
1. Major Social networks and Minor Social networks of the brand- numbers of posts, followers, types of content, level of engagement with the audience.
2. Clear goal – sells, awareness, performance, information, identification with the audience, behavioral change, advocacy, raising money
3. Consistent branding -Visual identity, verbal identity, logo, signature, colors, slogan or statement
4. Rhetorical – ideas (evidence, emotion, credibility), organization, style or tone, presentation. attention or memory triggers
5. Measurement of audience, follows, mentions, sentiment. (based on market segment)
6. Connections with influencers in their market segment.
7. Overall SWOT analysis of Social media use.
You may need to use some websites for the measurement, such as Google Alerts, Alexa, and Quantcast.

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