Part #1:

Where does the word Aromatherapy come from?

Team Leader (put all work together)

Part #2:

Background / history

Who can practice it? Training in aromatherapy?

What are essential oils? / Examples

Part #3:

How does essential oils work?


Part #4:


Research studies that support health benefits (at least 3)

Part #5:


Integration into nursing practice


The team leader will put the work together at the end. Therefore, group members must post their parts at least 2 weeks before the due date (Sunday, July 5) (due date is Sunday, July 19). In this way the leader has time to put all parts together, do the conclusion (student that chose part #5) and post the paper for group members to check and do suggestions. The final paper / revision is responsibility of all group members.

Please, review all the information and be sure that you understand what to do. Start working as soon as possible. Do not leave it for the end.

Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question or doubt. Please, contact me if you are having any issue with any team member or if any team member is not participating. Student that do not participate will get a “0” in the Group

Research Project which accounts for 20% of the final grade.

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