artificial intelligence and technology

Artificial Intelligence and technology are becoming more prominent in the management and leadership of organizations. It is imperative, as a business student, that you are abreast of the advantages and issues that organizations are facing when implementing AI and other technologies. Thinking about your future career plans, research how AI is affecting your potential or current line of work. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages that your industry is facing? How can AI and technology influence leadership and management in this industry? Based on your findings, what recommendations would you implement to maximize the AI effectiveness? What do you need to know now to be an effective leader in the future?

Identify an industry of interest. Write a short report referring to your current exposure to artificial intelligence as a consumer, student, and employee. Discuss how artificial intelligence fits into your future career plans and what you need to do now to prepare for it.

  • Identify the management issue and how it relates to AI
  • Specify how AI aligns with career plans (current or future)
  • Identify advantages and disadvantages of AI in your industry – provide real-life examples
  • Provide recommendations you would implement to maximize the AI effectiveness
  • Identify areas that you currently have strength and areas for improvement regarding AI
  • Clearly show an understanding of how AI is currently and will affect your industry
  • Utilize at least two (2), scholarly references — you may supplement valid online articles in addition to the two references provided


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