Assignment (Facebook company)

Assignment (Facebook company) 

The following are specific course
learning outcomes associated with this assignment:

Explain the influence of leverage and risk on financial planning.

Develop a corporate strategy based on basic financial reports.

Use technology and information resources to research issues in advanced
financial management.

Write clearly and concisely about advanced financial management using proper
writing mechanics


· We’d
like you to design and develop strategy for a large public company using the
themes within the two modules we’ve just completed: risk management and the
international module. Essentially, we’d like to put you into the shoes of the
CEO and design a few key strategies that would help grow earnings and reduce
risk in the company’s operations.

Let’s get a bit more specific. Pick a public company (preferably one you’ve
examined before) and examine what the company is doing now, both in terms of
risk management and global strategy. In particular, here’s what we recommend
you do:

Pull up the company’s annual report (10-K).

Read the entire section titled “Item 1” (includes items describing
the general business) and “Item 1A” (also known as the risks

Then, read the section titled “Management’s Discussion and Analysis of
Financial Condition and Results of Operations.”

Next, examine the company’s international business situation. Sometimes this
information is located in a section called “Operating Segments”;
other times it is not. You might have to dig around for this info.

Also, search the document (hitting CTRL+F usually does the trick) and enter
keywords that include “derivatives” and “hedging.”

What do you see? What is the business doing right now?

Write a 3-4 page paper in which you
do the following:

1. Analyze the company’s existing
risk management and international strategies.

2. Prescribe new strategies for the
business based on what they are and are not doing now in these areas


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