assignment review of literature summary table

Assignment – Review of Literature Summary Table

The project utilizes a systematic approach that encompasses the following phases:

  1. Topic Selection: PICO Question based on a clinical or healthcare problem or current state health care bill that impacts patient outcomes
  2. Review of the Literature for evidence of best practice
  3. Development of Best Practice Recommendations/Guidelines
  4. Review of Actual Practice
  5. Gap Analysis
  6. Action Plan: Recommendations for Change
  7. Cost Analysis/Economic Implications
  8. Conclusions and Recommendations for future research
  9. References
  10. Poster


STEP II-A: Systematic Review of the Literature

There are four parts to this phase:

  1. Literature search for relevant research articles
  2. Selection of articles for review
  3. Review of the articles and completion of the pertinent Evidence Review Form
  4. Development of a Review of Literature Table based on the articles reviewed and the template provided

A review of literature for research-based evidence is to be completed for the selected issue. This review of the literature involves:

  1. Search the literature for current research/non-research articles using the key words you have identified. (The reference librarian at Herzing University is a helpful resource or course faculty).
  2. Select articles based on the research hierarchy; there should be no expert opinion articles.
  3. Obtain full-text or pdf copies of the articles that are selected for review. Abstracts are not appropriate for use in this assignment. You will need a hard copy for submission.
  4. At least one article per team must address the economic implications.
  5. A review of a minimum of 8 evidence-based citations from recent (within the last 5 years is preferable) nursing and health care literature.
  6. Each team member must complete one full evidence review (using Evidence Review Form), and one abbreviated reviews. These are due in Unit 5: **** Bring a hard copy of the articles to class for the faculty. Articles are to be reviewed according to research/evidence evaluation guidelines provided.

STEP II-B As a group, complete the Review of Literature Summary Table, citing:

  1. Author(s) of each article in APA format. [Ex: Hunter & Roberts, 2011]
  2. Evidence/Hierarchy – clearly indicate what type of evidence the article represents, the level of evidence, and the quality rating
  • Sample size and characteristics if applicable.
  1. Succinctly state the evidence in the article relating to the outcomes you chose for your PICO topic. State the evidence from the article in your own words, i.e., paraphrase. DO NOT USE QUOTATIONS.
  2. It is permissible to use abbreviations in the Summary Table without spelling out the words first [this saves space]. If there are abbreviations used, include a key to the abbreviations at the bottom of the table. (see example below)
  3. DUE in Unit 9.

Template: Review of Literature Summary


Use APA format for in-text citation (e.g. author(s), year)

Evidence Hierarchy


[Type of Evidence]



Sample Size and Characteristics

[if appropriate)]

Outcome 1

[List the outcome here]

Outcome 2

[List the outcome here]




[if appropriate]

EXAMPLE: of a summary table of articles and the outcomes chosen that represent best practice that would be included on a poster.

Example: Review of Literature Summary

Author & Date

Evidence Hierarchy


Sample Size and Characteristics

Outcome 1

Outcome 2

Other Outcomes/Findings




Strength: III

Quality: Good

50 adult patients during CABG surgery

25% decrease in infection rates

Jones, 2007


Strength: I

Quality: Good

5 studies of CABG patients

Shortened length of stay

Average cost reduction was $…

CABG – Coronary Artery Bypass Graft

Assignment File(s)

  • NU 430 Assignments and Rubrics Packet [MSWord]

This is my PICO Question

In patient with cerebrovascular accident (CVA), how will precise CVA treatment regime, with lifestyle changes, and CVA management, affect the overall African American patients’ outcomes living with a CVA?

P (Problem or Patient Population) patient with cerebrovascular accident

I (Intervention) precise CVA treatment regime

C (Comparison) no management; other solution; management

O (Outcome of interest) reduced CVA of African American patients

Some Suggested articles: ( If you think I need new or better ones please change them for me. Thanks)

Retrieved from:

Retrieved from:

Retrieved from:

Retrieved from:

Retrieved from:

Retrieved from:

Retrieved from:

Retrieved from:


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