Many children take 2, 3, and even 4 times longer to do their homework than their peers. In this article you will read about how parents can help their children with their homework and stay calm. Parents have asked us why homework takes their child 2, 3 and even 4 times longer than their peers and what they can do about it. This article defines the 3 key issues and what parents can do about it. When a student has trouble paying attention in class, they often must be re-taught the information at home. What makes matters worse is that the students homework time which should have taken 45 minutes gets stretched to 1 and ½ hours due to re-teaching, and then to over 2 hours because they cannot stay focused. Students often get tense when doing homework and battles often follow. At 3D Learner we have helped thousands of parents and students to reduce homework time and stress.

Write the reference for the article. Be sure to use APA style for the reference. Write a 150-200 word annotation. In it, include the purpose of the study, data collection and analysis overview, and a summary of the findings. Identify any limitations of the study. Below your annotation, describe why you selected this article and how the findings from it could be applied in your own educational setting. Respond to at least two colleagues. In your responses, offer feedback on their annotations. Did they create the references in APA format correctly? Did they include all parts in the annotations? Were they written clearly and in a concise way? Offer at least one suggestion for improvement. This week, you conducted interviews with two individuals whose cultural background is different from yours. The topic was cultural issues they experienced in curriculum, instruction, and assessment. For this discussion, report on those interviews. Provide a brief description of the people with whom you discussed the cultural issues topic.

Why did you select these two people? Be sure to use pseudonyms when you refer to these individuals. What cultural challenges related to curriculum, instruction, and assessment did these individuals experience in their schooling? How did the individuals you interviewed cope with the challenges they experienced? Were their strategies effective? Reflect on your interviews and describe your own feelings during the conversation. Did you experience any discomfort, any cognitive dissonance? How did you resolve those? How do you plan to apply what you learned from these interviews in your own educational practice? Respond to at least two colleagues. Identify any similarities or differences that your interviewees experienced when compared to those of your selected colleagues. To what do you attribute the similarities or differences? We are just past the midpoint of your first course in the program. Congratulations on your progress! Take a bit of time to reflect on the work that you have done thus far. Return to your Unit 2 assignment, in which you set goals for your learning in this course. What are the “big ideas” you have learned thus far? How does that learning move you toward your learning goals?

What content is still “muddiest” to you thus far? What do you need to know in order to clear up your understanding of that content? Overall, are you on track to meet your learning goals? Finally, ask any questions of your instructor that would help move your learning forward in this course. In your upcoming assignment, you are creating a PowerPoint presentation with an intended audience of new educators in your setting. In your setting, what are the most significant issues related to diversity? How do these issues that you identified impact student learning? How do these issues that you identified impact the work of educators? Specifically, address curriculum, instruction, and assessment, as well as any other areas that are impacted. Respond to at least two colleagues. In your responses, offer strategies that your colleagues could potentially use to address the issues they identified. In this unit, you learned about strategies for meeting the needs of diverse learners in your instructional setting. Select a recent lesson plan you have implemented or locate one online.