This is a college-level research paper, NOT high school level. It is FORMAL WRITING, which means using formal words, formal grammar structures, and avoid using passive voice. The writing has to be clear and concise.
_ The paper has 5 body paragraphs. I don’t need introduction paragraph or concluding paragraph, only 5 body paragraphs.



_ Argue AGAINST using animal for scientific and commercial testing with 6 reasons. Each reason is also a topic sentence, and it is fully developed and supported in each body paragraph.
_ Each body paragraph must have 1 quote from 1 source to support the idea of the paragraph. There are 5 sources for 5 quotes.
_ The paper has to be full 3 pages. It also needs to have a Works Cited page following MLA 7 EDITION. Please notice this is the latest edition of MLA and it’s DIFFERENT from the previous one.



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