Analyze weather data for one city or region

In this laboratory exercise, you will analyze weather data for one city or region in the United States over a 50-year period. You will use Microsoft Excel to create a spreadsheet and graph. Note: If you do not have Microsoft Office, click here or here to access OPEN OFFICE software. To learn how to use Microsoft Excel, click here or here.
Using the following website, select a city or region:
In the attached spreadsheet, record the high annual temperatures, low annual temperatures, and annual precipitation since 1965.
Determine the average for the 50-year period for each variable (see Instruction attachment for help).
Determine the difference from the 50-year average for each year.
Create graphs of the differences. You should make three separate graphs with labels and axes: Annual High Temperatures, Annual Low Temperatures, and Annual Precipitation.
In a Word document, explain your assessment of the differences from 1965 to 2015 for each of the three variables. Include the graphs you have made as figures in your paper.
In the same essay, address the following questions in well-crafted paragraphs (not Q&A format):
View the animation at Assess the differences from 1884 to 2011. Which areas of the world seem to have changed the most? How has your part of the world changed?
Review the anomaly map at Choose one anomaly outside the U.S. and explain the situation, including when, where, and why it was abnormal.
Briefly describe the major weather anomalies in the past decade that have affected your birthplace, wherever that may be.
Attach both the Word and Excel files in the assignment area.
Your paper should meet the following requirements:
Be 3-4 pages in length (excluding the Excel worksheet)
Include 1-2 outside sources
Have an effective introduction, body, and conclusion
Be formatted according to APA