By now you have each spent a good deal of time thinking about your annotated bibliography topic, and doing preliminary research.
The annotated bibliography should contain ten sources (texts, books, scientific journal articles, articles, websites, etc.). Your annotated bibliography should include at least one book, at least one academic journal article, and at least one website. Please remember that annotated means that in addition to providing the bibliographic information, you also provide a paragraph or two about the source.
In addition, you should critically analyze the information sources for evidence based scientific information. This link to the Cornell University Library will help you evaluate your sources.

Getting Ready
After you have done the assigned reading that corresponds to the particular topic you have chosen, reflect on the material you read in terms of what you found most interesting, provocative, or controversial. (I think this assignment will feel like less of a burden if you work on something you find interesting.)
What is an Annotated Bibliography?
Using the links provided below, learn how to create an annotated bibliography (a bibliography with brief descriptions of each source and how it will be useful.)
Note: Please use APA style for your annotated bibliography.
How to Write an Annotated Bibliography (SUNY Empire State College)
How to Write an Annotated Bibliography (Purdue University)
Some Specific Requirements and Guidance
Your annotated bibliography should have at least ten references. You may include books, academic (peer-reviewed) journal articles, and websites. Your bibliography should include at least one book, at least one academic journal article, and at least one website.
To help you find these resources, go to the SUNY Empire State College’s online Library home page
Lastly, if you cannot find the information you need to complete your assignment using the SUNY Empire State College online library, use the ASK A LIBRARIAN feature on the library home page to request additional help. The college’s librarians can direct you to local academic libraries and large public libraries with strong academic collections.

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