You should select one week’s topic that you care most about, (topic picked is chapter 5 perception-action and the brain) select a very tentative thesis, go to the list of suggested readings that Clarke (2014) provides at the end of the chapter that you’ve selected, select five of those readings that seem most relevant to your tentative thesis, and write annotations for them. Your annotations should be approximately 150 words long and they should consist in (1) your summary of each article’s basic arguments and (2) your own commentary on how the article is relevant to your tentative thesis. The goal here is for you to gain an understanding of the literature that you will be writing your term paper in. Overall, then, this is a 750-word assignment (150 x 5 = 750). Also, you are certainly free to choose your five readings from elsewhere.

from the book Mindware: An introduction to the philosophy of cognitive science by Andy Clarke (can send pictures of the chapters needed from the book)