Deadline is  extremely important. Late will not  be accepted.

Work type: Research paper

Paper Title: Microsoft

Subject or discipline: Accounting

Paper format: APA

Number of pages: 22

Number of words: 6050

Spacing: Double spaced

Note: For more details download attachement.

Payment Method: Bitcoin only.  I can not pay  via Paypal. You can open a  free Bitcoin  a/c and  then exchange your Bitcoin into Paypal easily.

Price:  $150 Fixed

NOTE: Please only and only accept if you can do it. Don’t just accept for the sake on accepting. Anyone can apply if you are confident  that you can pull this  off.

I will not make downpayment. As earlier one of the writer ran away without writing anything and  would not return my call.

A Bonus of $15 will  be paid i;e 150+15= $165  if I am satisfied  with the work done. More orders  will  be given in  the future. If  your work is  better the Bonus  can go up by as much as $25.

Just to make sure you that have read this before contacing me type, MICROSOFT while contacting me.

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