The last 30 or so years of history, the very recent past, is hard for historians today to really put into context well, we just do not have the historical distance or perspective to evaluate what happened well, but, that does not mean we should not study it.
After finishing reading the lecture and the textbook, I want you to create a power point that traces the path of American history through this period, roughly from the presidency of Ronald Regan through today. There are a variety of subjects that you can cover, including domestic and international policies, such as Reaganomics, Peace
Through Strength, and Peace in Ireland, economic strength in the 1990s, the impact of energy on our way of life, and our involvement in the Middle East such as support for Israel, the Camp David Accords, the Iran-Contra Affair, Marines in Lebanon and the Iran Hostage Crisis. You can discuss all of these or none of them, if you find other events you feel should be discussed more.
Finally, I would like you to attempt to describe the impact of 9/11 on constitutional issues in this country, especially in light of the on-going tensions currently causing issues in our nation today. I know this is a lot, but it is a very complex time.
Please create a power point for your ideas, and try to keep it under 20 slides, focusing on what you feel the most important things to understand are.