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Science has progressed by providing powerful predictions and explanations about how the world works. Natural science has experienced a sustained growth of knowledge, which has led to the uncovering of laws that allow human beings to control or manipulate various aspects of the world around us. A sustained growth of knowledge and the discovery of useful laws are absent from social science. The social sciences fail to live up to the success of the natural sciences. Our Service Can Write a Custom Essay on Social Science for You! One reason that social science appears to be a failure in comparison to natural science is that human beings are difficult and complex subjects to study. The study of human beings raises many ethical questions. Such as, how far scientist should push the limits of morality in order to solve important questions about human behavior. Natural science is spared this dilemma. The complexity of human behavior also makes it difficult to discover scientific laws and generalizations.

However, just because social science has yet to discover such laws does not mean they do not exist. It is possible that the laws of human behavior are too complicated for humans to comprehend right now. With time, social science may make advances, which will render the laws understandable. After all, social science is young compared to natural science. Social science is not a failure in comparison to natural science, because natural science has not really progressed in the way that many have suggested. Kuhn argues, the history of science has been the succession of paradigms replacing one another. Each new paradigm has made only small improvements on its predecessors and creates an entirely new conceptual scheme. Natural science cannot claim to have accumulated progress throughout its history, because there is no way to compare the different paradigms. The leaders of each new paradigm rewrite the history of their subjects and in the process discount the success of previous paradigms.