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I can use this to show why this is an important issue right now. After you have read your sources carefully, you are ready to start working on organizing your notes and sources into an outline. Start by going back to your first notes and revising them using what you’ve learned so far. Write your thesis question. Example: Is Vegetarianism really a healthy diet? Write your thesis answer: Example: Vegetarianism can be a healthy diet if you follow the rules of other healthy eating plans such as getting enough protein, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and avoiding sugars and junk foods. Write your reasons for the answer. You should have three or more reasons. These will be your topic sentences for each of your body paragraphs. Write these clearly and use the words of your answer to help you keep focused. You might re-word this later, but keeping that question/answer format will help you keep your main point in mind. Another reason that vegetarianism is healthy is that in order to get enough calories, vegetarians tend to eat more vegetables, fruits, and other plant products which are good for you.

Finally, vegetarianism is healthy because people who are vegetarians have to think about what they eat and that tends to make them be more aware of what they put into their bodies. 4. Write Objections to your position and your answer to these objections. When you are writing a paper, the people reading don’t get to ask questions, so you need to do that for them and then answer those objections. Objection: Some people think that vegetarians can’t get enough protein in their diets. Answer: Most Americans eat too much protein and vegetarians can easily find enough protein from nuts, beans, and dairy products to satisfy their body’s needs. Objection: Some people think that vegetarians just eat junk foods. Answer: A vegetarian has to follow the same health rules as anyone else. If they eat junk foods, they won’t have a healthy diet. However, generally, vegetarians are more aware of the health needs of their bodies and tend to be more careful about eating junk foods and avoiding too much sugar. After you’ve done the informal outline above, you are ready to fill in that outline and put your sources into it.

Use the “Introduction and Conclusion” table to think about what would be a good way to interest the reader in your subject. Body: Now that you have your three or more reasons, you should be able to go through your sources and find evidence to put in to support those points. It helps if you write either the quotes, a paraphrase or a summary write in your outline so that it is easier to write later. Or you may just want to put page numbers from your source so you can find it easier. Objections: Remember that in writing a paper, you need to answer the objections your reader is having in their mind as they read. If the reader you have in mind will be strongly opposed to your point of view, you will probably need to do this before you start telling your position and giving your reasons. In that case, you may want to put this paragraph after your introductions. How to answer objections? You can refute them and say why they are wrong and why. You can explain what is right about that point of view and what parts you accept before you state your own point of view. You can explain how you and your audience have many values in common and tell how your position better meets the values you both hold. You can talk about the assumptions people have and how these are true or not true.