For each of the Four I’s, please let us know, with concrete, specific examples from your career, how new technologies are helping leaders to be transformational; or, alternatively, how new technologies are making it more difficult for leaders to be transformational.Please answer these four terms ( 1) Individualized consideration, 2) Inspirational motivation, 3) Intellectual stimulation, 4) Idealized influence ) with at least 200 words for each.

1) Individualized consideration = Leaders exhibit a general concern and empathy for the specific needs and feelings of followers.

2) Inspirational motivation = Leaders inspire and motivate their followers to commit to a shared organizational vision.

3) Intellectual stimulation = Leaders challenge their followers to be creative and innovative and to challenge their own beliefs and values and those of the leader and the organization.

4) Idealized influence = Leaders motivate their followers as ethical role models with whom followers can identify and trust.

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