Discussion Question 1  Resource: Ch. 7 in Bioinquiry  Due Date: Day 2 [Main forum]  Research an example from one of the following categories of biotechnology, which your instructor will assign to you: o Agricultural and environmental uses o Medical and legal uses o Historical uses · Post your response to the following: For your assigned biotechnology example, provide at least two ways the use of this biotechnology could benefit society and two ways this biotechnology could be harmful.  Review another student’s example and provide a pro, a con, or your perspective on the topic. 4. Discussion Question 2  Due Date: Day 4 [Main forum] · Post your response to the following: Describe the plant life, animal life, and geology of the ecosystem in the area in which you live. What populations and communities are present? How dependent is your community on this ecosystem? What are the limiting factors of the ecosystem?

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