BSBADM409 Coordinate Business Resources

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Assessment Task- 3 Monitor and report on resource usage in a business area

  1. Focus on the business area you have worked on through this simulation and case study. Prepare a poster showing how Golden Institute can improve:
    • Resources cost controls – cost of acquisition, cost of ordering, cost of transport or delivery, cost of stock levels
    • Resources usage data using a method that you recommend
    • Resources health and safety management, in particular fault checking and maintenance using a method that you recommend
    • Resources and services planning through consultation and feedback from the users in the business area using simple methods that you recommend
    • Resource records management using an improved procedure or form that you recommend
  1. Presentation and observation:

Present this poster to the whole group and the trainer who is role playing the Operations Manager at Golden institute. This involves:

  • Each person in the work group will explain their individual poster in 5 minutes
  • Each person will focus on one area of improvement that you would respectfully recommend to Golden Institute for co-ordination of business resources in the business area.
  • When each person in the work group has presented their poster, the work group as a team will take questions for the whole group and the Operations Manager.