Individual: �  “Rite of Passage”� Paper “Rite of Passage”� assignment (Due Week Three) Write a 1400 to 1750 word paper in which you are to create two modern rites of passages one for an adolescent girl and one for an adolescent boy that addresses the social demands facing adolescents today.  Please incorporate some of the following issues into your Rite of Passage paper: a. � The strength and changeability of peer relations b. � How media messages and peers affect sexual orientation development c. �  The biological changes taking place during adolescence and how the changes affect the child’s physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development Your paper should include separation, initiation, and reintegration, and should also offer an appropriate means for adolescents to: a. � Make the transition to adulthood b. � Be given solutions to some current problems of adolescents such as gangs, premature sexual activity, substance abuse, and school truancy Your paper should be 1400-1750 words in length and Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines

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