Business Case Study 2 on Danaher Corporation Capstone project

Instructions: ONLY the deliverables 12-14 that are written below and highlighted on the attached case study instructions must be completed. 12. Net Present Value analysis of proposed strategy’s new cash flow and EPS/EBIT analysis NOTE: To construct the first cash flow (cf1) at the very minimum, the new revenue from your strategy(s) must be discounted back to the present value by calculating EBIT and that figure will be your cfn for each year. cf0 (initial cost of your strategy), cf1 (discounted cash flow first year), r (opportunity cost of capital, the rate of the next best alternative use of cash/debt/equity resources). NPV=-〖cf〗_0+ 〖cf〗_1/(1+r)^1 +〖cf〗_2/(1+r)^2 +〖cf〗_3/(1+r)^3 …〖cf〗_n/(1+r)^n 13. Specific recommended strategy and long term objectives Explain why you chose the strategy, and discuss how much the strategy will cost to implement and how much new revenue your strategy will create. Include your action timetable agenda for accomplishing your strategy. 14. Proposed new business model Link to retrieve information for Danaher Corporation (Scroll down to 10K Report): ****Please note that 4 other group members have been assigned the other deliverables and that our products will be combined and will add up to 10-12 pages. It shouldn’t take no more than 4 pages for this order. Use the link provided under the “case study components” to access required spreadsheet formats.****

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