– Answer all questions included in the attached word file.
– Follow the instructions mentioned in each problem

– You must provide mathematical steps in detail to receive full credits

– You must provide 2-page report not including original questions and results

– Refer to the rubric for the requirements of this assignment

– Assignment possible points: 115

Case Study Analysis Guideline

1. Cumulative Standard Normal Distribution TABLE: normal_cdf.pdf (You can also find this in page 214 of your textbook)

2. Instruction Video: Case Study Analysis I_Instruction_Video.ppsm


First, you need to solve all questions as you did in previous assignments. So, make a word document for the solution with detail mathematical steps.

Second, provide a separate word document – 2-page report – showing discussions based on the results and conclusions you draw from your COMPUTATION. In your 2-page report, you may discuss implications of the results, or how the results could be used for the decision making in general.

In summary, you are required to submit 2 separate word documents for your final submission.

If you are not meeting those requirements, I will automatically give a zero and return it to you.