HI6026 Audit, Assurance and Compliance

HI6026 Audit, Assurance and Compliance Background Information You are a senior manager with Stewart and Kathy and you have been approached to undertake the audit of Double Ink Printers Ltd (DIPL). 2017DIPL print books, magazines and advertising materials for the publishing, educational and advertising industries on a print-on- demand basis. Printing on demand means that […]

HI5002 Finance for Business

HI5002 Finance for Business QUESTIONS Your group is an investment adviser, working to build a foundation of wealth for your clients. One of your wealthiest clients already has a diversified portfolio, which includes managed funds, property; cash/fixed interest and a few direct share investments in Australia and around the world. The assignment is a written […]

LAW511 – Australian Taxation Law

LAW511 – Australian Taxation Law Assignment 2   QUESTION Barry Lee and Brett Wong are adult Australian residents.   On 1 July 2003 they formed a partnership called ‘The Two B’s’ to run a sports supply business. The partnership supplies football clothing and equipment to football clubs in Australia. The business is registered for GST. The […]


ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN ASSIGNMENT HELP Introduction Bang the Drum creative is one of the famous Advertising companies and the offices of the advertising company is present in Australia but the regional office is situated in Auckland, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Singapore. The company is performing very well and it can be considered as one of the […]