Cross sectional data | Definition & Examples

Olla Peeps! In this article, I will discuss about Cross-sectional data. Cross sectional data is a part of Cross sectional study. It is a cross-section of a study population in econometric and statistics. I will be discussing these facts in an easy form which you will easily understand. I will cover the following points: What […]

Principles of Training | Methods of Training

Hi guys. Physical Education has become an absolute requirement these days. We all want to stay healthy and fit. Physical education is not only limited to sports, but it includes other activities too which are done for fitness. In this article, I will brief you on a crucial aspect of physical education, i.e., “Principles of […]

Assessing Students Learning | Rules to engage students in learning activity

Olla peeps. These days’ students learning makes an impact on their overall performance. I know, kids are not at all easy to handle and especially when it comes down to make them study and learn. This article is especially for the teachers and their supervisors or principals. Parents are also like teachers so; this will […]

Useful Websites for College Students

Olla Peeps! Being a College Student is not easy as you have to deal with studies, part-time jobs, etc. Yes, College life is hard! When you move into a college for the first time, it’s like a whole new world. There are so many new responsibilities which come straight on your head. It’s not a […]

How to Write a Synthesis Essay | Easy and Simple Steps

Olla Peeps! 🙂 You must have heard about essays many times. But, have you heard about Synthesis Essay? If not, then don’t worry as this article is all about Synthesis Essay. I will tell you in brief that, how to write a synthesis essay? Trust me it’s not that complicated, once you get to know […]