What is citation and why it is important in Assignment writing-example of dissertation citation

Student’s Assignment Help July 3, 2018 Every assignment require citation at the end of its completion because students have to quote the references that they have used during research on the topic of assignment. Students could be confused with the questions like how to cite a dissertation or research paper while writing such types of […]

How to cite a Movie- Example of movie citation

Student’s Assignment Help July 4, 2018 Movie citation is important when literature and other streams students try to use it as reference in the research work. Movie citation in MLA pattern is more often suggested to the students by the professors. This is because this pattern of citation is very popular among the people who […]

4 Top Universities Of Singapore | Assignment Writing Service

Student’s Assignment Help June 27, 2018 Singapore is a country, which has a rich tradition. In the present situation, it has a significant importance and one of the among preferred place in education sector of Asia. Today Singapore counts as one of the leading places for acquiring higher education. Many students from all across the […]

How many pages are covered by 1000 words assignment- MLA format page count in 1000 words

Student’s Assignment Help June 24, 2018 Sometimes students are asked to write an assignment by defining the limit of words in each assignment. As a result of which students must have the idea about how many pages could be covered in that limit of words assigned to them by the professors. This gives a convenient […]