How to write a college application essay- Tips for writing application essay and personal stamen for admission in College

Student’s Assignment Help July 11, 2018 At the time of admission in College and University students have to write an application essay which is the basic pillar for admission in the College or University. Writing an application essay got nothing to do with your resume because it only highlights your personality beyond academics. Such application […]

How to write an expository essay- Tips for Introduction, thesis statement and conclusion.

Student’s Assignment Help June 19, 2018 An expository essay is a form of essay in which writer gives a statement in the beginning and then prove it throughout the essay by citing examples. It is like a descriptive way of explaining the point of view on a given topic with evidences. Such essays are mostly […]

How to write 500 Words Essay

Student’s Assignment Help May 29, 2018 How to write a good essay in 500 words-Tips and Examples An essay is not a big deal to the students since they are writing it from their school level but sometimes when they are assigned within certain instructions task gets difficult for the students. Writing an essay in […]

How to write a Good Essay

Student’s Assignment Help May 22, 2018 There are lots of queries that students have regarding their essay writing assignments given to them. Some of them are not able to begin with a good topic of the essay while others are confused about the format of writing an essay. The main reason behind this problem is […]

How to write a movie review for your College Assignment or Essay |

One of the biggest challenges to compose a movie review is to include all crucial details in the review by not finishing the curiosity of people to watch it. The unique tips for writing a movie review perfectly are suggested to the students by Essay Paper below. Students will come to know that how to […]

What is MLA Format in Assignment Writing with Example

Modern Language Association has set some rules to follow for writing certain works in the form of assignments to the students. These rules define a proper format of writing an assignment like essay, Research Paper, dissertation and thesis etc. This MLA format must be followed by the students for writing their assignments. Here are some […]