Classical Mythology- Film Critique

After watching the movie Troy (starring Brad Pitt), write a creative critique of the movie comparing it to the information and ideas presented in your  (and in class) on Homer’s epic poem, the Iliad.
You can consider all aspects of the movie production from acting quality and , to historical veracity, to the mood and purpose conveyed, and of course, to how well the ideas from the original material were presented.

You can, but don’t have to, conclude the movie was bad or good in its entirety, but you should consider specific episodes in comparison to events, values and cultural expression in Homer’s work. This assignment offers liberal room for variety and interpretation as long as you demonstrate appropriate comparisons to the primary source. I encourage you to read the entire poem (easily found online and at the library for free) as your textbook summarizes a significant part of the story. However, it’s fine if you choose to only use the Iliad as presented in your textbook. You should include quotes from the Iliad and cite them with a simple parenthetical book number and line number reference. You don’t need to include the author and name of work in every citation in your paper since you are only referencing one work.
For example, “…criers and couriers of Zeus and men!”( 1. 389)

Link to the poem “the Iliad”:

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