CMGT 433 Week 1 Individual Cyber Security, ICT, Legal Obligations and Constraints   Instructions: You have been asked by the CIO of your company, or another company, to create a PowerPoint® informational presentation. Examples of companies might be a company you have worked for in the past or wish to work for in the future. The audience for this week’s presentation will be a group of department supervisors. The objectives of this presentation are to: “� Define “cyber security,” and identify threats to private and public organizations. “� Define Information and Communication Technology (ICT), and explain why it is a very important component of cyber security. “� Identify the pillars of personal security that assist in personal protection. “� Define the Six Principles of Information Security Management and legislation constraints that apply to cyber security. Create an 8- to 10-slide PowerPoint® informational presentation, including the following: “� Content for each of the objectives “� Speaker’s notes “� References used to support your presentation, including a minimum of two outside academic references in addition to course textbooks and videos

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