CMGT 433   Week 3 Individual Risk, Contingency Planning, and Defensive Management              Instructions: The CIO of the company you chose in Week One, has asked you to create a PowerPoint® informational presentation. The audience for this week’s presentation will be a group of department managers within the company. The objectives of this presentation are to: “� Explain why risk, risk analysis, and prioritization of a company’s risks are some of the best methods to reduce threats in vulnerability management. “� Identify the major components of contingency planning. “� Define and explain what makes up the process called “vulnerability management.” “� Explain several options that can be taken when severe risk is found in the area of incidence response. Create an 8- to 10-slide PowerPoint® informational presentation, including the following: “� Content for each of the objectives “� Speaker’s notes “� References used to support your presentation, including a minimum of two outside academic references in addition to course textbooks and videos Submit your presentation to the Assignment Files tab above.

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