Communication for relationship building

Chapter 5 discusses communication for relationship building. The ability to effectively communicate both verbally and nonverbally is crucial to sales success. This chapter introduces this important sales skill.
Chapter 6 covers sales knowledge. Successful salespeople are knowledgeable individuals. Many salespeople are experts in their field. The challenge in selling is in building the substantial amount of knowlege needed to be successful. This includes customer knowledge, product knowledge, and technology knowledge.
Chapter 7 examines the skill of prospecting, the lifeblood of selling. It discusses the ten steps of the sales process and examines the first step in the process, prospecting.
Chapter 8 discusses the planning of the sales call. Planning the sales call is the second step in the sales process. It is extremely important to spend time planning all aspects of the sales presentation.  This chapter lists the 4 preapproach steps, as well as the steps involved in planning the sales presentation, and the 5 steps prospects go through in the buying process.

  1. Take a sport product (real or imagined) and describe the product/service. Discuss each of the 10 steps from the perspective of yourself as the salesperson for the product you just described. Be specific in discussing your plans and approach in each of the 10 steps as you attempt to sell this product.
  2. Which of the 10 steps do you believe are most critical to your success in the selling of this product? Explain why you believe so.
  3. Please see additional reading posted in Week 2 to help answer this question: Examine the concept of “moments of truth” and apply them to a sport experience that you have had w/ a franchise/organization that you have experienced as a consumer.
  4. A lot of Chap 5 focused on Communication so w/ that in mind, discuss how frequent-fan programs, fan interaction programs and similar activities made possible by social media (technology) have improved communication and customer satisfaction amongst fans and their favorite teams/organizations and thus has led to long-term relationship building. Please cite an example. Also are there any ways social media (technology) has hurt communication amongst fans? Explain yes or no.

A good practice is to just number your discussion response to match my numbers above. You may even copy the questions themselves into your discussion post, showing the original question, and then writing your response beneath each.
As a reminder, your discussion response should involve two or three paragraphs, completely answering each of the above questions, and should include two APA citations for other articles you read (by different authors) that add value to your discussion. You may also wish to cite your text in your discussion (highly
******If you could put one or two in text citations from our text book which I have uploaded the notes the instructor gave us.  Fundamentals of Selling 12th editionFutrell is the Author, 9780073529998